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Flight for Small Pets in Cabin

Check with the vet

All airlines ask for a veterinarian’s certificate before they allow the pet to be inside the cabin. The certificate should state that the pet is in good health and its health conditions does permit it to fly. The certificate should be dated within ten days of the flight so always keep that in mind while making your appointment with the vet. Certain airlines do not stress upon a vet visit but it is vital to make sure that your pet can take the high-altitude travel. In case your vet has provided you a sedative to be used for your pet, make sure that you inform the airline staff about it before the flight.

Getting to know the Crate

Most of the airlines actually have a basic rule that the pets allowed inside the cabin should be in an approved crate and the specifications of the crate varies from airlines to airlines. Hence, you need to look into the specifications of your pet before you purchase one for your travel. The crate which is to be used should necessarily have a dish for water and this should be attached to the door of the crate so as to prevent it from spilling. Travelers flying with pets should make sure that they are accustomed to carrying and handling the crates and they should also carefully check that there are no broken fixtures or fastenings in the crate. The pet should also be allowed to investigate the crate at its home, so that it can get accustomed to it and this will certainly reduce the pet’s anxiety.